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   Over-endowed                                        After Runch.....
   The Halloween Party                             Assicoms

   The Horse & the Chicken                      Bareback      

   A Little Clinton Humor                            Bosses

   Clinton Quizz                                           Firm Grip

   Almost a Virgin                                      Pub Grub

   How Was It For You?                          Easy Division

   Little Billy Jokes - A Quartet                 Sandwich    
   Clinton - Lewinsky, Real Story            The Period

     Cowboys and Indians                          Skippy

    The English Lesson                             Snoring               

   Something to Offend Damn Near Everyone                           
   A Better HMO                                      Chastity Belt

   Irishman with Aids                                 Seven Dwarfs

   Country Music                                        Stay Hard

   The Sisters of Mercy                              Wild Penis

   Vocabulary Test                                  The First Time

    A Fishy Tale                                            Turbulence      
   The Darts Team                                     Called Up to Heaven

  That's His Business                           

   Go For It, Mr. Gorsky                        






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