wecrazy animation   X RATED  HUMOR       

Please do NOT enter if you are offended by this type of joke!

wecrazy animation    Welcome to the Bar                   wecrazy animation    Massage

wecrazy animation    The Thumb-suckers                   wecrazy animation    Halloween

 wecrazy animation  Packing Material                         wecrazy animation    Jeff & Mike

wecrazy animation    Deathbed Confession               wecrazy animation    Sex Doctor

wecrazy animation    Early Retirement                        wecrazy animation    Health Plan

wecrazy animation    Why  E-mail Like Penis             wecrazy animation   Cab to the Airport

wecrazy animation    Polish Blonde Calls Home       wecrazy animation     Raisin Bread

wecrazy animation  George Burns & Oprah Winfrey  

wecrazy animation     Reasons to be a Guy               wecrazy animation   Scottish Poem

wecrazy animation   Businessman and the Cabbie   wecrazy animation  Potent Pill

wecrazy animation     The Elderly Couple                   wecrazy animation   The Parrot

wecrazy animation     The Nun & the Cabdriver        wecrazy animation   The Virgin

wecrazy animation     Night Before the Crisis            wecrazy animation   The Witch

wecrazy animation     A Christmas Tree is Better      wecrazy animation    Love and Sex

wecrazy animation     The Banker's Balls                   wecrazy animation     I'm Pregnant

wecrazy animation    Shhhh, Don't Wake Mom          wecrazy animation    What to Wear?

wecrazy animation    Priests Shower                          wecrazy animation   Thank You Ltr.   

wecrazy animation    No Sex since 1955                    wecrazy animation  Who Was That?

wecrazy animation   Three Nuns Enter Heaven          wecrazy animation     Bar B Que

wecrazy animation    Debt Paid                                    wecrazy animation     Santa's Gifts

wecrazy animation  Saving His Money                        wecrazy animation   100 Reasons

wecrazy animation    Embarrassing Moment             wecrazy animation    3 Knots

wecrazy animation   Mother Knows Best?                  wecrazy animation   A True Story

wecrazy animation    Marriage Killer                           wecrazy animation   Birds & Cones

wecrazy animation    The Gravy Ladle                         wecrazy animation  The Wasp

wecrazy animation    Chinese Torture Tests              wecrazy animation  No Longer Used

wecrazy animation    Man Answers Every Question Women Asks

wecrazy animation    Potential and Reality                  wecrazy animation  Clinton Jogging

wecrazy animation    Breakfast for the Mailman        wecrazy animation   Help the Pope

wecrazy animation    Clinton Meets the Pope            wecrazy animation  Fifth Grader

wecrazy animation   Deductive Reasoning                 wecrazy animation   Moaning

wecrazy animation   Clinton's Favorite Things           wecrazy animation Oh My God !..

wecrazy animation   Twins in Heaven                         wecrazy animation  Energizer Bunny

wecrazy animation    Snails for the Dinner Party       wecrazy animation    Bullfrog

wecrazy animation    Men & Women                           wecrazy animation  Golf or Sex?

wecrazy animation    Golden Earrings                        wecrazy animation  The Genie

wecrazy animation   Grand Night for Grandpa           wecrazy animation   Return Visit

wecrazy animation    Aliens in Detroit                         wecrazy animation   The Nudge

wecrazy animation   Driving Through Alabama         wecrazy animation   The Thumb

wecrazy animation                                                         wecrazy animation                 


                                                      animated egg                                              

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